Me, for example/ 2017

A joint project with Deganit Stern Schocken.

Me, for example

Deganit Stern Schocken -Daniella Saraya

Red, blue, black, green and white, mixed, connected, connecting – between bodies, between persons, between peoples. This work examines the body as a place, a location of action, wishing to take upon itself values and beliefs which are different, even contradictory, to the laws of the territory it inhabits. The pins take over the body, conquer it, mark it, yet on the other hand they protect it, enable it to express an opinion, to protest, to host a shared existence. The short phrases written on the pins serve as precious stones. They appear to be optimistic and simple, but they are not obvious. They express the wish for a change, and propose the possibility of seeing and recognizing the other.

 .עבודה מתוך התערוכה הרב תחומית 'חמסין' בגלריית השלום במרכז המשותף גבעת חביבה