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(con)Temporary / 2020

We use a lot the term- contemporary/ what does it mean?

Much has been written about it, not only in the context of jewelry or art, but in the broader context of being contemporary as a person representing his time/

So what does it mean to be contemporary?

Is it possible for a person to define himself or his actions as contemporary, is it something that is possible to know in real time? Or maybe it's a definition that can only be determined by looking back? And does being contemporary mean adapting to time, being accepted by the people of the time, or perhaps representing a struggle, a critical change that has taken place in your time, something that is exceptional and may seem unacceptable? I especially like the idea that being contemporary means questioning everything that happens in your time, exploring it forward, moving with it, realizing that everything contemporary will belong to the past in the next moment. Therefore, it cannot be permanent, it must not stabilize, maybe we can say that to be contemporary means to be temporary only?

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